VGC Mid-Season Showdown: Adelaide – Standings and Usage Stats


Last weekend saw the first Pokémon VGC Mid-Season Showdown which was held at Shane’s Hobby and TCG’s in Adelaide. The event saw 20 Masters. Congratulations to Haris for taking out the first Australian Mid-Season Showdown in Adelaide!

Top 8 Cut Teams

1 Haris Sahovic (@HSahovic)

M-Rayquaza / P-Kyogre / Ferrothorn / Landorus-T / Crobat / M-Gengar

2 Aaron van der Kolk
M-Rayquaza / P-Kyogre / Weavile / Cresselia / Amoonguss / Crobat

3 Luke Curtale (@DawgVGC)
Xerneas / P-Groudon / Smeargle / Cresselia / M-Kangaskhan / Talonflame

4 Daniel Antony
Xerneas / P-Groudon / Gengar / Ferrothorn / Thundurus / M-Salamence

5 Luke Caruso
Xerneas / P-Groudon / Togekiss / Sableye / Thundurus / M-Kangaskhan

6 Ben Madigan
Yveletal / P-Kyogre / Smeargle / Thundurus / Bronzong / M-Salamence

7 Lindsay Holly (@PellinoreVGC)
Mewtwo / Klefki / Scizor / M-Rayquaza / Liepard / M-Salamence

8 Clarence Chuah
Xerneas / P-Groudon / Smeargle /Talonflame / M-Kangaskhan / M-Salamence

Top Cut Usage Stats

5 – M-Salamence

4 –  Xerneas, P-Groudon

3 – P-Kyogre, Smeargle, M-Kangaskhan, Thundurus, M-Rayquaza

2 – Ferrothorn, Crobat, Cresselia

1 – Landorus-T, M-Gengar, Weavile, Amoonguss, Gengar, Togekiss, Sableye, Yveltal, Bronzong, Talonflame, Mewtwo, Klefki, Scizor, Liepard

All information provided comes from our sister site over at PokeAdelaide, as well as Haris for collating team data. A huge thanks goes to Shane and Sammy at Shane’s Hobby and TCG’s for getting Adelaide its first VGC event of the Season. A shout out also goes to Russell and Kara from PokéMelbourne for travelling to judge the event.

Stay tuned to PokéAus as we continue to bring usage stats and data for events throughout Australia.

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