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VGC17 Pick Up and Play #1 – Japanese Bonsly

We of the VGC community are afflicted by a plague. An age-old problem: the lack of motivation to seriously team-build for minor events. Every weekend I imagine the same dialogue arises from the home of a bad player in suburban Melbourne. “Boysssssss, send me a team for this weekend’s PC” “k brah here ya go lmoa” The aim of this series ...

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Preparing Your Team: A VGC17 Staples Guide- March Update

As the season progresses, many Pokémon have risen and fallen in usage, as trainers utilise different team compositions. Different Pokémon have different varies of success, with certain Pokémon having more defined roles in their team. In this article we summarise the current ‘Staples’ of VGC17 and how important each Pokémon is to our current metagame. Some “pros” and “cons” of each Pokémon ...

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Preparing Your Team: A VGC17 Staples Guide

As is the norm for most new formats, a lot of Pokémon have risen and fallen (and occasionally risen again) in usage as varying team archetypes are explored. With the rapid changes we’re seeing, it may be hard to understand what Pokemon to use and how they work. In this article I’ll summarise current ‘Staple Pokémon’ of VGC17 and how ...

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