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Around the Stadiums – September 2017

Welcome back to the Around the Stadiums coverage for the 2018 season, where we bring you Premier Challenge Results from around Australia! In this edition we look back at the results from September Premier Challenges. The post-world metagame was a varied as ever with an even blend of players either using variations on successful strategies from Anehiem, or trying to ...

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Around The Stadiums: Blaziken Series #2 – A Premier Challenge Summary

  Hello all, and welcome back to another edition of Around the Stadiums. Today we’re continuing on with the Blaziken Series of Premier Challenges, this time with the new VGC2016 format. You can familiarise yourself with the rules here if you don’t know them already. While only three states had PCs this month, we expect that number to increase in ...

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Pokémon TCG: Staples Checklist

Hi all, this time around I have compiled a list of cards that should be part of most decks. Furthermore, these cards will always be wanted by players, especially those who do not already have enough of them, so if you want some trade fodders, whether in real life or on Pokémon TCG Online, these are some cards that you ...

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