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VGC17 Pick Up and Play #1 – Japanese Bonsly

We of the VGC community are afflicted by a plague. An age-old problem: the lack of motivation to seriously team-build for minor events. Every weekend I imagine the same dialogue arises from the home of a bad player in suburban Melbourne. “Boysssssss, send me a team for this weekend’s PC” “k brah here ya go lmoa” The aim of this series ...

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Download Event – Special Munchlax

  Pokémon Sun and Moon is here, and with the new games comes the first download event! Those who purchase Pokémon Sun and Moon by Wednesday, January 11, 2017, are eligible to receive an ‘early purchase’ bonus for download via internet connection. The download is a Munchlax that evolves into Pulverizing Snorlax! The Munchlax comes at level 5 with the ...

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Nintendo Direct Stream – Alolan Rattata and new Z-Moves

The latest Nintendo Direct has aired early this morning, and with it came a bit of new info for Pokémon Sun and Moon! First, we were introduced to Alolan Rattata. Yungoos was introduced to Alola to manage their population, but they adapted in response to the new threat, becoming Normal/Dark-types with different abilities: Gluttony and Hustle. Interestingly, it is referred ...

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