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Rainbow Road in the 2017-2018 Standard Format : Deck List and Discussion

Last weekend, in what seemed like a throwback to the 2008 World Championships, a Gardevoir/ Gallade deck was used to win the 2017 Pokemon Trading Card Game World Championships in both the Junior and Masters divisions. It was the most hyped deck going into the tournament, and is still being touted as one of the top decks in the standard ...

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Pokémon Sun and Moon are Out Now!

Pokémon Sun and Moon are released today in Australia and New Zealand, with the rest of the World to follow once the date ticks over. This does not mean the end of content from PokeAus though, with a new region comes new mechanics, new Pokémon and of course the new 2017 VGC Season. What a journey it has been! Since ...

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