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Kalos Dex Debut: Greninja

Type: Water/Dark Stats: 72 HP | 95 Atk | 67 Def | 103 SpA | 71 SpD | 122 Spe The most notable stat of Greninja’s is clearly its speed. This makes it the fastest starter to date, edging out Sceptile by 2 points. Attacking stats of 95 and 103 are not terrible but at the same time still leave ...

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September 4 Pokémon Direct Breakdown

Tonight we had the first Pokémon Direct for the first time in a little while, and here is all the new information that was released in the 20 minute video. Pokémon Bank is a Cloud Storage application for the Nintendo 3DS. It allows for 100 boxes, 3000 Pokémon, to be stored on the internet. Pokémon Bank will require an annual ...

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Pokémon X and Y Pre-Order Bonus at EB Games

EB Games Australia has recently announced that customers who place a pre-order on Pokémon X and/or Y will receive a bonus Poké Ball themed 3DS game case. This pre-order bonus is available only to those who pre-order Pokémon X and/or Y at EB Games retailers. It’s in limited supply, so be quick to place a pre-order at your local EB ...

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