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VGC17 Pick Up and Play #1 – Japanese Bonsly

We of the VGC community are afflicted by a plague. An age-old problem: the lack of motivation to seriously team-build for minor events. Every weekend I imagine the same dialogue arises from the home of a bad player in suburban Melbourne. “Boysssssss, send me a team for this weekend’s PC” “k brah here ya go lmoa” The aim of this series ...

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CoroCoro Leak – New Pokémon and Alola Formes revealed in

A number of new Pokémon and Alola Formes have been leaked to the public from the next issue of CoroCoro! New Pokémon Image 1: two Ground/Ghost Pokémon based on sandcastles are Sunabaa (top left) and its evolved form Sunadeshiro (centre). Bewear’s pre-evolved form is called Nuikoguma (bottom right). Like its evolved form, it too is Normal/Fighting. Image 2: Yowashi is ...

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