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Rotom’s VGC Resources: An Introduction to VGC

  Have you completed your Pokédex? Sick of grinding the Elite 4 and want a new challenge? Interested in meeting like-minded Pokémon fans? Good news – VGC may be exactly what you’re looking for! What is VGC? VGC (Video Game Championships) is the official competitive battling circuit for the Pokémon video games which is run by The Pokémon Company International ...

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Pokémon VGC Website and Social Media Guide

The Australian Pokémon Video Game Nationals are around the corner, and we want to help fellow Australians in the preparation to what will be the biggest Australian VGC event for the year. Playing on your own you might miss things but following what other people discover can help you get an advantage and possibly save you time. With this we ...

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