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Nintendo Direct – Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: New Details

The latest Nintendo Direct aired this morning, and with it we have quite a bit of new information! Specifically, Necrozma Formes, Lycanroc’s Z-move, and in a first for the Pokémon main series games, 2 new Pokémon have been revealed in the middle of the generation instead of the beginning — both being Ultra Beasts! New Necrozma Formes The previously revealed ...

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CoroCoro Leak – New Pokémon and Alola Formes revealed in

A number of new Pokémon and Alola Formes have been leaked to the public from the next issue of CoroCoro! New Pokémon Image 1: two Ground/Ghost Pokémon based on sandcastles are Sunabaa (top left) and its evolved form Sunadeshiro (centre). Bewear’s pre-evolved form is called Nuikoguma (bottom right). Like its evolved form, it too is Normal/Fighting. Image 2: Yowashi is ...

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