Regirock, Regice & Registeel with their Hidden Ability available via Pokémon Bank


Regirock, Regice and Registeel are now available to users of Pokémon Bank, with their hidden abilities, from now until October 31st!

Note: Renewals for Pokémon Bank will cost $4.99 per year.

All you have to do is access Pokémon Bank to obtain the three Regis, you can receive them in X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire via Pokémon Link.

Full Instructions
  • Go to the Pokémon Bank App
  • Select Use Pokémon Bank
  • Use this Game
  • Select Save when the boxes with your Pokémon appear
  • Close the app
  • Use the Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire Game you used with Pokémon Bank
  • Select Pokémon Link on the Main Menu
  • Select Receive Data
  • After that to to your Game PC and look for the Pokémon, they will be in a empty space of your PC

The three Regis will have the following attributes:



Regirock @ No item
Level: 50
Nature: random
Ability: Sturdy
IVs: random
– Explosion
– Ice Punch
– Stone Edge
– Hammer Arm



Regice @ No item
Level: 50
Nature: random
Ability: Ice Body
IVs: random
– Thunderbolt
– Ice Beam
– Amnesia
– Hail



Registeel @ No item
Level: 50
Nature: random
Ability: Light Metal
IVs: random
– Iron Head
– Iron Defence
– Gravity
– Rock Slide

Make sure you don’t miss out!

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