Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Leaks – CoroCoro September

The “Mega Evolution special” of CoroCoro has leaked, bringing with it information on New Mega Pokemon, in game effects of Pikachu’s cosplay outfits and the revelation of an in game gift.



  • The first new Mega Pokemon is Mega Altaria, who becomes Dragon/Fairy type and gains the ability ‘Pixilate’.
  • Next up is Mega Lopunny, who becomes Normal/Fighting type, gains the ability ‘Scrappy’ and can also learn Hi Jump Kick (not confirmed whether the wording means it gains it when it evolves, or if Lopunny can learn it).
  • The last Mega to be revealed was Mega Salamence, who keeps his Dragon/Flying typing, but gains the ability ‘Aerilate’.

Pikachu’s Cosplay

pikachucosplay2 pikachucosplay1

  • Pikachu can wear a variety of cosplay for Pokemon Contests, but it has now also been confirmed that it also gains new attacks when wearing each of the different outfits, that can be used in battle:
  • Rock Star Pikachu gains the move ‘Meteor Mash’
  • Ph. D Pikachu gains the move ‘Electric Terrain’
  • Pop Star Pikachu gains the move ‘Draining Kiss’
  • Belle Pikachu gains the move ‘Icicle Crash’
  • Libre Pikachu gains the move ‘Flying Press’

In-Game Gift


  • At some stage in the game, there will be an event where you will receive a Shiny Beldum holding it’s Mega Stone.

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