Community Discussion Article: Taunt in VGC, where has it gone?

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Dylan O

I remember a time when everyone feared Taunt in VGC, but that time is no more. I haven’t seen anyone use taunt in VGC in almost 6 months. What is everyone’s opinion on this decline of Taunt in VGC?

I think it’s good to force your opponent to attack so they can’t protect, meaning you can Sucker Punch them. It could also make your opponent swap into a bad position. I wish it could redirect attacks, but that’s what Rage Powder and Follow Me are for.

Taunt engages the opponent so they have to attack, meaning they can’t protect, set up Trick Room or use any other Status moves.

Kristian P

Taunt has its uses but people are ignoring it. They don’t find it as useful as protect.

Kaine M

With all of these hard hitters being used (Metagross etc), there’s less need for it. people are playing more offensively than defensively as of late. However, I still do believe it could be useful.

Emma W

Prankster Taunt users are obvious and people have learnt to play around them, atleast that is what I have found.

Matthew S

I still find it useful and run it occasionally. It can force switches and make some Pokemon like Cresselia useless. Especially since some of the more defensive sets of a lot of Pokemon don’t run Protect. It also hits through Sub which is cool.

Nicholas S

Taunt is still put there and is still useful in my experiences.

Zach D

I won Regionals in Winter with Taunt Terrakion. I often led it with Thundurus, since that is a more common Taunt user and would draw the Fake Out. I think brute force is more effective since Taunt only lasts three turns, but I didn’t deal with Para spam well so I liked it on Terrakion.

Christopher O

I think because the game is faster, people set up way less.

Jackson L

Thundurus is a more common Taunt user but is very predictable. Taunt not only stops Trick Room users (unless they have Mental Herb), but if you don’t want to let someone set up, it stops that too. Taunt is useful to stop Pokémon like Amoonguss, Breloom, Cresselia and Thundurus.

Jordan B

That is the meta, the Weather teams kind of took over, since Taunt has no way of stopping that from happening, but if Trick Room were to become popular, then everyone would have Taunt.

Robert W

I used to use Trick Room quite a bit around the end of Gen 4/start of Gen 5. But then way too many methods came up in VGC to stop Trick Room. Taunt alone was easily stopped by Mental Herb, but Taunt followed by Encore, Taunt+Fake Out, Chandelure with Imprison, and many other methods proved to be more popular and effective, and became so commonplace that I was forced to look to other kinds of teams to remain competitive.

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  1. Well the Mental Herb changed it this generation. It destroys Taunt. It is a risk to use it because your opponent might attack you instead of using a set up move and therefor it wastes a turn

  2. Taunt is still perfectly viable.
    The problem with Taunt is similar to Feint, you have to be able to out predict your opponents next move exactly. While most of the time, predicting your opponents isn’t too difficult, you are putting yourself at a huge risk.
    For example, you are scared that the enemy Rotom-W is going to Will-o-wisp your Metagross, so instead of attacking it you use Taunt to prevent it. However, Rotom-W instead uses a Water Gem boosted Hydro Pump and kills them anyway. Using Taunt is a HUGE risk in a majority of situations, it can pay off, but only if you manage to use it correctly.

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