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New Pokémon Global Link features introduced!

Hello all, Cappa here. I’ve always been an enormous fan of the desktop online features that have popped up in previous years within the main series titles. Back when GTS first came out, I had very fond memories of hopping on Internet Explorer to see where my Pokemon had gone. With the most recent update to the Global Link just ...

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Battle Spot Season 14 to use VGC16 rules!

  It has just been announced that the next season of Battle Spot Special will use VGC16 rules! This means that players can practice official VGC16 games online without having to rely on simulators such as Pokémon Showdown! Season 14 starts January 19th and will run to March 15th 2016. The base rules for this season are as follows: Battle ...

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Dealing With Non-Pentagon Threats on Battle Spot – A Season 12 Reflection

  Battle Spot Season 12 saw the rise of some really interesting non-pentagon threats. These Pokémon gained previously-inaccessible moves or abilities, through being migrated from previous games via Pokémon Bank. These moves could have come from either old move tutors, or even special events. This article aims to enlighten you on new developments that have been seen throughout the 12th ...

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