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New Pokémon Global Link features introduced!

Hello all, Cappa here. I’ve always been an enormous fan of the desktop online features that have popped up in previous years within the main series titles. Back when GTS first came out, I had very fond memories of hopping on Internet Explorer to see where my Pokemon had gone. With the most recent update to the Global Link just ...

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Get Mew Z Crystal (Mewnium Z) with Pokémon Bank

Following on from our article this morning, Pokémon Bank is here! To celebrate the relaunch of Pokémon Bank and all it’s new features, subscribers can get their hands on a Mewnium Z. Mewnium Z is the Mew Z Crystal, exclusive to Mew! When players launch the new Pokémon Bank app from the eShop they will receive the gift, a Wonder ...

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