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2015 Australian Cities: TCG Tier Predictions

Originally, this was going to be just a prediction article, however, some delays here and there and some City Championships having been completed have caused this article to be delayed, but become more realistic – which is good for us all. Below is a list of decks that have been ranked according to how good I think they are, and ...

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Draw a Card: Garbodor

Garbodor (Dragons Exalted 54) is a 100 HP Stage 1 Pokémon which evolves from Trubbish. Its weakness is Psychic, which isn’t too bad considering the only common psychic Pokémon in the established metagame is Deoxys EX, which can’t even use that weakness to one shot Garbodor as long as the trash heap Pokémon doesn’t have any energy attached. Garbodor has ...

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Pokémon TCG: Team Plasma Tins Announced

Pokémon TCG: Team Plasma Tins, due for release September 11. PokeCollection revealed earlier today, the confirmed and finalised artwork and release date for the upcoming TCG Team Plasma Tins. Each tin will contain the following: 1 of 3 reprinted foil Pokémon-EX cards: Thundurus, Deoxys, or Lugia. 4 Booster Packs. An online code card to unlock an item on Pokémon TCG ...

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