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Pokémon TCG World Championships: How to earn an invite in Japan

Why Takuya Yoneda’s Top 8 Championship Points from the Oceania International won’t matter The 2017 Pokémon Oceania International Challenge saw players from across the globe converge on Melbourne to compete in an intense three days of competitive trading cards. Japanese player Takuya Yoneda, rose above 250+ competitors to earn a coveted place in the top 8 of the Masters Division. ...

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CoroCoro Leak – New Pokémon and Alola Formes revealed in

A number of new Pokémon and Alola Formes have been leaked to the public from the next issue of CoroCoro! New Pokémon Image 1: two Ground/Ghost Pokémon based on sandcastles are Sunabaa (top left) and its evolved form Sunadeshiro (centre). Bewear’s pre-evolved form is called Nuikoguma (bottom right). Like its evolved form, it too is Normal/Fighting. Image 2: Yowashi is ...

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Pokémon TCG Set Review: Plasma Blast

Greetings Pokémon Trainers, in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, we have reached a dull point of sorts. All of the National Championships have been completed and people are working hard to try perfect themselves and their decks before Vancouver. My congratulations to all the Australian Players that have qualified for Worlds and I wish them the best of luck in representing our ...

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