Rotom’s VGC Resources: Playing with VGC 2017 Rules


As of December 1st, 2016, all Pokemon Video Game Championship (VGC) tournaments will require players to use Pokémon Sun or Moon games to compete. With the new Pokémon included in these new games, there are new rules that players have to play by. Rules for VGC 2017 can be found here.

Pokémon that appear on the Alola PokéDex can only be used for the 2017 Championship Season a full list can be found here.

As of now the following Pokémon from the Alola PokéDex are not allowed to be used:

#291 Solgaleo
#292 Lunala
#300 Necrozma
#301 Magearna

Note: We may see more Pokémon added to this list.

Below we have included instructions so that you can download and play with the VGC 2017 rules for use at events or to practice with your friends both locally and online.

Downloading VGC 2017 Rules
Setting up a VGC 2017 Game

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