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What are Natures

Every Pokémon has a nature, they are a way to get a small stat boost and alter the maximum and minimum values of any stat (except HP), by 10%. If you are just playing the content within the game, they won’t affect your battles too much as your Pokémon (especially after Super Training) are far superior to the ones encountered when battling trainers, or those in the wild. When playing competitively though,they can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

In Pokémon X and Y, they have made it even easier to know which Nature your Pokémon has, as well as what stats it increases and decreases. To check your Pokémon’s nature, open the menu bar and go to ‘Pokémon’, from there select the Pokémon you wish to check and click ‘Summary’. Using the image below as reference, in the summary screen you can see which exact stats are being affected even before you know the Nature at all. The stat coloured in red is the stat being increased, the stat coloured in blue is the one being decreased.


Continuing in the summary screen will take you to the next image shown below. This is where it specifically tells you which nature your Pokémon has.


Natures can be used in lots of different ways, but you will either want to compliment an ready high stat to be able to push it that little bit more, or to enhance a really low stat so that it can compare with the other Pokémon out there in terms of speed or defense.

Nature Breakdown

There are 25 natures in total which sounds like a lot but not when you break them down.

Neutral Natures

Neutral natures are never seen in competitive play; they neither increase or decrease any stat which while it doesn’t give you any negatives, it doesn’t give you any positives either. In other words, they do absolutely nothing.

  • Quirky
  • Bashful
  • Serious
  • Docile
  • Hardy
Defense-Lowering Natures

Defense and Special Defense lowering natures aren’t very popular given that you will always want to give negatives to your non-attacking stat (Attack if you’re a special attacker, or Special Attack if you’re a physical attacker).

  • Lonely (+10% Atk / -10% Def)
  • Naughty (+10% Atk / -10% Sp.Def)
  • Mild (+10% Sp.Atk / – 10% Def)
  • Rash (+10% Sp.Atk / -10% Sp.Def)
  • Lax (+10% Def / -10% Sp.Def)
  • Gentle (+10% Sp.Def / -10% Def)
  • Hasty (+10% Spe / -10% Def)
  • Naive (+10% Spe / -10% Sp.Def)
Offensive Natures

Offensive natures are the most popular natures, especially in competitive play.  Giving your negative to your non-attacking stat means that the Pokémon has no defensive or speed disadvantages, it’s only disadvantage will be the attack stat that it never uses.

Physical Attacker

There are two natures most commonly used for physical attackers; Adamant and Jolly.

  • Adamant (+10% Atk / -10% Sp.Atk) This nature lets you focus on the Attack stat, whilst only hindering the special attack stat which is irrelevant as the Pokémon would be a physical attacker.
  • Jolly (+10 Spe / -10% Sp.Atk) This nature helps you gain additional Speed so that you can hopefully strike first whilst reducing the irrelevant Special Attack stat.

Special Attacker

Much like physical attackers, special attackers have two most commonly used natures too; Modest and Timid. They work in the exact same way, just hindering the Attack stat instead.

  • Modest (+10 Sp.Atk / -10% Atk)
  • Timid (+10 Spe / -10% Atk)

See a pattern emerging? If you’re a Physical Attacker you can pick the natures that reduce your Special Attack and vice versa.

Defensive Natures

As well as increasing your damage output, there are effective ways of increasing your defenses. These natures are more commonly seen on bulky Pokémon:

For a Physical Defense bulky Pokémon:

  • Bold (+10% Def /-10% Atk)
  • Impish (+10% Def /-10% Sp.Atk)

For a Special Defense bulky Pokémon:

  • Calm (+10% Sp.Def /-10% Atk)
  • Careful (+10% Sp.Def /+10% Sp.Atk)

Majority of Pokémon tend to lean towards Physical Attack or Special Attack, so be sure not to hinder the attacking stat the Pokémon uses.

Trick Room Natures

Trick Room teams are built around reversing speed, so that slow Pokémon will move first. This means that any stats increases on speed will be a hindrance, rather than an advantage. There are four natures tailored to suit Trick Room teams:

For Pokémon with damage output:

  • Brave (+10% Atk /-10% Spe)
  • Quiet (+10% Sp.Atk / -10% Spe)

For bulky Pokémon who absorb damage, and may play more of a supportive role:

  • Relaxed (+10% Def /-10% Spe)
  • Sassy (+10% Sp.Def /-10% Spe)

The above natures are great, as they give you a bonus in the stat of your choice while decreasing speed which makes you faster under Trick Room!

That’s all of the natures covered. There are many different ways to utilise the advantages that natures give you, but I’ve covered the basics. You can see what popular choices there are for the Pokémon you want to breed /put in a team, and there are varying statistical reasons for doing so. At least I hope this lets you identify which natures you should steer clear from, and which natures you have to choose from when team building.

Happy Natures 😉

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