Fairy Bread & Butter: A Gardevoir GX skeleton list for the standard format

Introduction A skeleton list is an incomplete deck list that includes the essential or minimum number of cards necessary for a successful deck of that archetype. Assuming that the creation of the skeleton list was influenced by proven 60 card lists, skeleton lists are useful for competitive TCG players for a variety of reasons: They provide players with an understanding ...

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Marshadow event announced for Australia!

Starting October 7  and running until October 23 (or while stocks last) players will be able to get Marshadow via code distributed exclusively at EB Games Australia! The code will be free and will allow trainers to receive Marshadow into their copy of Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon! How to receive  Marshadow: Select Mystery Gift on the main menu. Click ...

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Around the Stadiums: Swampert Series #2– A Premier Challenge Summary

  Hello everyone, welcome back to the penultimate edition of Around the Stadiums for the 2016 season, where we bring you Premier Challenge Results from around Australia in April. This was the final month before the Regional Championship season began, so we saw a large number of events available for trainers to fine-tune their strategies for the big events. To ...

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