Rotom’s VGC Resources: An Introduction to VGC

  Have you completed your Pokédex? Sick of grinding the Elite 4 and want a new challenge? Interested in meeting like-minded Pokémon fans? Good news – VGC may be exactly what you’re looking for! What is VGC? VGC (Video Game Championships) is the official competitive battling circuit for the Pokémon video games which is run by The Pokémon Company International ...

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Rotom’s VGC Resources: Sun And Moon Competitive Breeding And Training Guide

  With VGC17 officially beginning, breeding your new generation Pokémon from scratch is going to be very important. Here you’ll be able to see all the ins and outs of breeding in Sun and Moon; including item locations, new mechanics and tips for hatching eggs. This article will provide a very brief explanation of breeding, as well as any changes ...

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Rotom’s VGC Resources: Useful Items

  As most of us are now nearing completion of the story of Pokémon Sun and Moon, the time has come to start putting together our competitive teams. To aid in the tedious task of gathering all of the necessary items, we’ve collated what items you’re going to need for competitive play and where to find them – all conveniently ...

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