Pokémon Sun and Moon – New Pokémon and details revealed!

A new video was released overnight revealing a number of new Pokémon, details on previously-released Pokémon, and more new features to be expected in Sun and Moon! New Pokémon Wimpod Wimpod is a Bug/Water Pokémon, the first of this combination since Surskit. Its Ability is Wimp Out, which causes it to flee battle (or switch out if it’s human-trained) when ...

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Pokémon GO released in Australia!

Pokémon Go has completed field testing and is now fully available in Australia! The app allows you to find and capture Pokémon in the real world, is available on compatible iOS and Android devices. Pokémon Go is all about capturing lots of Pokemon by travelling around on foot, whilst challenging gyms near local landmarks. Players choose a team: Red, Blue ...

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Special Edition Solgaleo / Lunala 3DS announced!

Late last night it was announced that a new special edition New 3DSXL, with artwork featuring Solgaleo and Lunala, will be released in Australia and New Zealand in November, coinciding with the launch of Pokémon Sun and Moon! As is expected following previous similar launches, it is expected that this special edition 3DS will be released on the same day ...

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