Plasma Storm Set Review

Foreword: Hello everyone! My name is Michael Zirnsak and I’m an Australian TCG player. So my first article is going to be very simple, a Plasma Storm Set Review with my Top 10 Cards in the set after the analysis. As far as February sets go Plasma Storm is one of the best we’ve had in a while, with amazing ...

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Join the PokeAustralia Community Today

At Pokémon Australia, we hope to do more then just deliver Pokémon News to PokéFans in Australia. This is why we at Pokémon Australia have a facebook group – PokeAustralia (VGC & TCG). The PokeAustralia facebook group aims to include Trainers from all across Australia in both VGC and TCG ranging from a casual to a competitive scene. While we ...

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