Pokémon TCG World Championships: How to earn an invite in Japan

Why Takuya Yoneda’s Top 8 Championship Points from the Oceania International won’t matter The 2017 Pokémon Oceania International Challenge saw players from across the globe converge on Melbourne to compete in an intense three days of competitive trading cards. Japanese player Takuya Yoneda, rose above 250+ competitors to earn a coveted place in the top 8 of the Masters Division. ...

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Pokemon TCG: Being decisive about Wishiwashi

Basic fish Pokémon. Historically, they have had mediocre attacks and hit points that render them susceptible to being knocked out on the first turn of the game. However, 30HP basic fish Pokémon often occupy a prominent place in the competitive Pokemon Trading Card Game metagame. Feebas evolves into Milotic, which proved to be a powerful supportive Pokémon in the EX Dragon Frontiers ...

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Card Clash: Comparing the New and the Old

Introduction There are hundreds of cards in the current standard format for the Pokémon Trading Card game. Many of these cards have similar effects, but a different mechanic to achieve that effect. For example, Professor Sycamore and Professor Birch both allow players to draw a fresh hand of 7 cards. One is a staple 4-of in almost every deck, while ...

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