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VGC15 Nationals Champion, 2x Worlds Competitor & novice TCG player. Hails from a coastal town on the SW Victorian Coast. Process Engineer & Lifeguard in real life, ardent supporter of round-ball football and strong believer that Han shot first.

Australian TCG League Challenges: February

Calling all TCG Players! A number of TCG League Challenge events have been announced for February. League Challenges are entry-level events and are ideal for newer players looking to get involved in competitive TCG (VGC players – think Premier Challenges). League Challenges also award a small amount Championship Points to players who finish as the top seeds, making these events valuable ...

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Rotom’s VGC Resources: An Introduction to VGC

  Have you completed your Pokédex? Sick of grinding the Elite 4 and want a new challenge? Interested in meeting like-minded Pokémon fans? Good news – VGC may be exactly what you’re looking for! What is VGC? VGC (Video Game Championships) is the official competitive battling circuit for the Pokémon video games which is run by The Pokémon Company International ...

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Rules for the Pokémon VGC 2017 Season Announced!

  Attention VGC Players! The rules for the 2017 Video Game Championship were announced overnight by TCPi. These rules will replace the current VGC16 rules on December 1st. Matches will be Double Battles played only on Pokémon Sun & Moon. As has been predicted for some time, only Pokémon found in the Alola PokéDex able to be used (barring certain legendaries). ...

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Pokémon VGC 2017 Circuit Information – A Breakdown and Explanation

  The Pokémon Company International (TCPi) has released information regarding events, format changover times, CP payouts and Worlds invitations for the VGC 2017 circuit, confirming the circuit structure that we will see for the coming year. Quick Reference Guide: Key information and what has changed The season will be divided into three series: Autumn Series: September 1–November 30, 2016 Winter ...

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VGC Friendly – Australia vs Singapore

  Hello VGC Players, once again it is time for another VGC Friendly. This time we turn our ambitions towards an opponent closer to home, Singapore! On Sunday April 17th we will be facing off against or nearby neighbours Singapore, with what promises to be a clash of the two strongest VGC Nations in the APAC region. This will not ...

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