Pokémon Snap on WiiU Virtual Console


  Yea, you read the title right! Pokémon Snap has made it’s way to the WiiU Virtual Console! With the hype of Pokémon Sun and Moon, let alone Pokémon Go, it’s no real surprise that Snap has made it’s way to Virtual Console, with the game being $13 AUD. Pokémon Snap was originally released in Australia in 1999 on the ...

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Preparing For Worlds: A Metagame Analysis

Metagame cover image

  Hello there! My name is Bailey, though you’d probably know me as Bargens. Recently there hasn’t been too much going around regarding the metagame at Worlds and after having a relatively positive response last year I decided I’d try and give my insight into how I think Worlds will be this year. I’m going to be basing my opinions off of ...

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Big Leads: Knowing Your Xerneas + Groudon Leads


Hi everyone! With Worlds coming up and Australian players being a little stressed about team building, there was a lot of ambiguity around how exactly to benefit from leading with and against ‘Big 6’ teams (an archetype consisting of both Groudon and Xerneas) and their different variations, so I’m pretty much going to be providing a summary of the strengths ...

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Pokémon Sun and Moon – New Pokémon and details revealed!


A new video was released overnight revealing a number of new Pokémon, details on previously-released Pokémon, and more new features to be expected in Sun and Moon! New Pokémon Wimpod Wimpod is a Bug/Water Pokémon, the first of this combination since Surskit. Its Ability is Wimp Out, which causes it to flee battle (or switch out if it’s human-trained) when ...

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