2015 Pokémon World Championship Australian Streaming Times

The 2015 Pokémon World Championships are literally hours away and of course you will be able to watch the Championships from your own home. Here is the schedule, please note that the World Championships go over four days for us due to timezone differences. DAY 1 – FRIDAY AUGUST 21 2015 For Australia, Day 1

2015 Pokémon World Championships – Australian Invitees

The 2015 Pokémon World Championships are less then a week away and this year we have a huge number of Australian’s who have earned their invite. TCG VGC We will be updating our social media and doing recaps after each day so be sure to stay tuned!

From Wannabe to Professional – Asia Pacific Circuit Top 2 Report

Hello and thank you for clicking into this report. My name is Phil Nguyen, also known as Boomguy. I am a 27-year-old part time professional Pokémon VGC player from Brisbane, Australia. OK, so what I don’t get paid to play Pokémon video games but I treat it as my profession so I can become the World

Shiny Mega Rayquaza available at EB Games!

Shiny Mega Rayquaza code cards are now avaialble at EB Games stores throughout Australia! The code cards will be available from August 10 to August 31 2015 (or until they run out), and can only be redeemed for those who have Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. Rayquaza comes at level 70, holds Dragon Fang,

Deafinate Victory to the Top : A 2015 Australian Pokémon VGC Nationals Top 4 Report

Hello! My name is Jackson Lakey, but some of you might know me as FamousDeaf. I’ve played competitive Pokémon since 2012, after Nicholas Steer introduced me to the VGC format, and since then I have loved it. Over the past few years, I’ve watched the best players on YouTube, Pokémon Showdown and the Live Tournament

The Sandstorm Subsided – A 2015 Australian Pokémon VGC Nationals Interview with a Champion

Hot on the heels of the stunning conclusion to the 2015 Pokémon Video Game Australian National Championships, I had the privilege of conducting an interview with Matthew Roe, the 2015 Masters Division National Champion, to pick his brain about his performance of the season as well as his thoughts about the National Championships and beyond.

My Moth’s Got The Powder: A 2015 Australian Pokémon VGC Nationals Top 8 Report

Hi there. My name is Brendan Webb and this was my first season competing in the VGC Season. Today I will be talking about my Top 8 placement at the 2015 Australian National Championships. I have never really introduced myself to the VGC community so I will give a brief introduction about myself. I live

Marching to the Beat of my Own Drum: A 2015 Australian Pokémon VGC Nationals 1st Seed Swiss Report

Hi, my name is Nicholas Bingham, also known as the guy in the Scraggy costume at Nats and as SpiritBomber on Nuggetbridge. I’m a year 12 student and a founding member of the Pokémon group known as the Ludicolo Patrol seen dancing on almost every Pokémon video in Australia. I started playing Pokémon competitively last

2015 Australian Pokémon Nationals – Dubious Disc Videos

Dubious Disc, a new Pokémon podcast, brought those at home some amazing coverage of the 2015 Australian Pokémon Nationals which took place on the Queen’s Birthday Weekend. They covered all three days, as well as interviewed finalists from both the Video Game and Trading Card Game. Check out Dubious Disc: Website | Facebook | Youtube

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon and the New Pokémon Movie Leaks – CoroCoro July

CoroCoro July leaks are here and revealed this month is information on the upcoming game, Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, as well as more Hoopa information. Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon For pre-ordering the game, you will be able to download a special 3DS theme. It is now confirmed that the game will include Mega Evolutions. Players