On the March with the Night Marchers – A Melbourne Cities report

The moment I saw the scans for Phantom Forces, I knew that I wanted to play the Night Marches – especially after a friend pointed out that Lampent had the attack too (I had missed that one). In the days leading up to the Melbourne City Championships, I got sick of playing my various Night

Draw a Card Issue #2: M Gardevoir EX

This month’s draw a card issue will be focused on M Gardevoir EX (Primal Clash 106), which is from the latest set. M Gardevoir EX is a Fairy-type Mega Pokémon and it has a lot of potential to do well in this year’s Regional Championships. M Gardevoir EX has 210 HP, a Dark resistance and

Asia-Pacific VGC 2015 War: Australia vs Singapore

Today is the day Aussies! VGC players in Australia and Singapore prepare for war, as we find out which country has what it takes in a VGC 2015 7v7 friendly battle. The battles will be streamed: at the following times: NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS: 4:30pm SA: 4pm QLD: 3:30pm NT: 3pm WA & Singapore:

PokeAus Sydney February Tournament: Teams and Usage Stats

We at PokeAus recently helped run our first VGC tournament in quite a few years at Good Games Town Hall, Sydney. The event was pre-sold out, with 66 competitors. Below are the top cut teams from the Masters Division, as well as usage stats. Master Top Cut Teams 1 – Denaysh S 2 – Brendan

Nugget Bridge Damage Calculator has arrived!

For some time now, competitive players have utilized Pokémon Showdown’s Damage Calculator for all calculation needs when it came to team building and tweaking. However, the calculator was designed to suit Smogon’s array of tiers and thus it can often be difficult to use for players who are playing the Pokemon VGC Standard format. But

Brisbane Bisharps February Tournament: Teams and Usage Stats

February 14th was a great day for lovers of Pokémon in Brisbane, as the Brisbane Bisharps ran their second VGC event for the calendar year. A bigger turnout compared to January allowed two age brackets to be run; 16 Masters and 8 Juniors/Seniors turned up for the event. Junior/Senior Top Cut Teams Here is the breakdown

2015 Australian Cities: TCG Tier Predictions

Originally, this was going to be just a prediction article, however, some delays here and there and some City Championships having been completed have caused this article to be delayed, but become more realistic – which is good for us all. Below is a list of decks that have been ranked according to how good

Shell Armor Samurott Now Available in Australia

The last of the three starters of the Unova Region is now available for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! The trio, Serperior, Emboar, and Samurott will be available via secret code through Mystery Gift, with Samurott now available! To claim your Samurott, use the code POKEMON503 in the Mystery Gift Menu of your game.

VGC Tournament Organisers Announced for Australia!

Earlier today it was announced that 20 Tournament Organisers have been approved in Australia to run Premier Challenges for VGC. Premier Challenges give out Championship Points, for the World Championships. Chris Brown, the VGC Organiser of Pokémon International announced the news via his twitter page, which can be seen below. We assume more information will

Nugget Bridge Major – Keeping up with the Aussies

With the Nugget Bridge Major kicking off, a team of dedicated people have created a document to keep records of all the Australian players who are competing, and how they perform each week. Click the image below to be taken to the document. Each week the document will be updated, as well as an ongoing